What to Do in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC

When planning your trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC, you should start by finding out what your interests are. The country is home to several attractions and is an excellent place for a wildlife safari. There are many things to do in the Congo, including exploring the rainforest. You can visit the capital city, Kinshasa, which was once called Stanleyville. The city is a thriving metropolis surrounded by lush tropical forests and is quickly expanding due to a burgeoning population. Visitors can enjoy the local markets, enjoy the food from the Congolese restaurants, and visit the museums and botanical gardens. The University of the DRC is another important attraction in the city. In the central market, you can explore the Cathedral of the DRC.

Kisangani, is the third largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Formerly known as Stanleyville, the city is a modern metropolis that has grown rapidly as rural citizens migrate into the city. You can explore the Boyona waterfalls and visit the city’s botanical gardens.

You should not miss the chance to experience Congo’s national parks. The country’s cities are diverse and fascinating. Tourists can enjoy the vibrant culture and nature of the cities, and find interesting things to do in the democratic republic of conga. In addition to visiting the capital, visitors can explore the region’s national parks. These destinations will not only provide a unique cultural experience for their tourists, but they can also be an educational experience for both locals and visitors.