Some Great Things to Do in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC

To explore the country’s diverse landscape, head to the capital city of Kinshasa. Located in one of the country’s 11 provinces, Kinshasa is a massive city that was originally established in the 19th century as a trading post. Kinshasa is a sprawling city on the banks of the Congo River. While the capital is bustling with activity, the surrounding region is awash in culture, nightlife, and music. Visitors will find that the bustling city market and vibrant street art culture make it comparable to the bustling cityscapes of New York.

If you have time to spare, you should consider a stay in Kisangani, the DRC’s 3rd largest city. Surrounded by tropical forests, this bustling city is growing rapidly. Visitors should plan their trips to the nearby Boyona waterfalls and to visit the University of Kisangani, which is a major landmark in the city. The city also has a central market and a cathedral.

The north-east province of Goma is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Garamba, a national park that was home to the last wild northern white rhinoceros. Other notable attractions are large elephants, hippopotamus, and giraffe populations.

If you’re looking for things to do in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then you’ll probably want to visit the Lukaya River, a famous body of water in the country. This river starts in the Crystal Mountains and flows through the region’s southern section, Bas-Congo. In addition to the waterfalls, there are many tourist attractions along its path, including the famous Matadi Falls.

The country is a largely rural country that is home to many indigenous groups. The DRC is a land of volcanoes and a rainforest that’s filled with lush vegetation. Hiking in the jungle will take you to a volcano where you can see the soaring Mount Nyiragongo, which is the largest mountain in the country. Then, you can shop at the many local markets and sample the local cuisine in the capital city of Kisangani.

The country is known for its wildlife, and visitors can experience endemic species in the country. While the Democratic Republic of Congo is a peaceful country, it has been home to a number of wars and conflicts since its independence. There are also sporadic attacks from both sides of the Congo’s border with Uganda. If you’re not comfortable, you can choose to visit the areas near the border with Uganda.